There’s nothing better than a Boricua party!

Have you ever been to a Christmas party in February? Or maybe to a welcome Christmas party in October? If your answer is NO you are either living in the wrong part of the world or you need at least one Boricua friend. Puerto Ricans love to party and there is always a reason or an excuse to do it.

Boricuas start Christmas time around Thanksgiving, most of the time at the beginning of the month. Before we even buy the turkey, we already have the tree tied to the top of the car (and we brag about if on Facebook). And as I said, that’s just an excuse to start dinner parties, and sing, and drink and eat all the food I talked about in my last post (awesome food I should say). In Puerto Rico we have the longest Christmas ever. Let me break it down for you: we start in November, we have some turkey with mofongo (and next day some turkey sandwich and depending of the leftovers some turkey soup). We move on to December, when we start waiting for the 25th with some music and food, of course. We say hi to baby Jesus or Santa (two different things, but kids are happy so…) and we wait for the New Year. We start blowing firecrackers a week earlier (we have to make sure they work) and we drink some Pitorro (in this blog I learned how to add hyperlinks. I am improving). We say goodbye to Mr. Old Year and welcome the new one singing and eating and drinking. In some cultures, that’s where it ends. Not here my friends; in Puerto Rico we also wait for los Tres Reyes Magos (The Three Wise Men) on January 6. We want to extend it a bit more, so we have Octavitas (eight more days of Christmas time). Everything is supposed to end there. But why finish the holiday season in January when we need to party longer!

La fiesta de los culos
La fiesta de los culos

To be serious, and that is something that rare in me, I thought the Christmas season was over after that. Last Sunday, February 10, 2013 I was invited to a peculiar party with my family and friends: La fiesta de los culos (I don’t know how to translate that, really). This event marks the end of the holiday season, in February. Do we really have to extend it that long? Of course we do!!!! People bring whatever was left from Christmas time and there is also live music, Puerto Rico music. I was amazed on how many people were there eating some arroz con gandules, lechón asao’ and all the drinks around. And you know why it was done in February? Because Passover is just around the corner (you know, we have to take a break sometime). That is when Puerto Rico, or at least the people that was there, finish that Season. But there is more to come, of course. Summer is just around the corner, and Boricuas get ready on Semana Santa (we take Good Friday off, because we need to be thankful – AMEN). Now the beach starts to be packed with awesome bodies, regular ones and some not so pretty, but all happy, of course. Summer is awesome, great weather, we celebrate the Independence of every other country, we move later to Labor Day and we start to get ready for Christmas again (it’s a wonderful circle type of thing).

In baseball or basketball games Boricuas also party. In the United States, for example, in a college game you have the band, 15 or 16 guys with weird outfits parading all around the field while playing with their instruments. Not in Puerto Rico! Here you have one guy with a Pandero, another with a whistle, the other one with a trumpet, and those three guys know how to get everybody in the stands screaming and singing. Those three guys will be drunk in about two hours and they play better than before (can you band guys do that? I dare you). And when Boricuas travel together, party rides along. Have you been waiting to ride a rollercoaster in Disney and all of a sudden you hear some guys singing and screaming? Most likely, those are Boricuas. They make any ride worth waiting for. And they make the party right there with no instruments, just clapping.

Being Boricua means to be happy, every time. And we love to share that happiness. So, if you are here during Holiday season, or any time, and you find a party around, make yourself part of it. If you are somewhere around the world and are bored or sad try to find a Boricua and I guarantee there will be some party around to go to. Enjoy the time and laugh, dance, eat and drink; you will have a great time. Remember to share this post and to comment on it too. Until next week, cójanlo suave!

Mi familia (part of it)
Mi familia (part of it)

PS. Here’s a picture of me and part of my family (only my sister is missing) in La fiesta de los culos. We had a great and relaxed day. Love you all (including my sister)!


3 thoughts on “There’s nothing better than a Boricua party!

  1. Ana B. February 12, 2013 / 12:26 am

    Nice. I’m glad I have a few Boricua friends — and with my Mexican plus Boricua, talk about party!!

  2. Dalys Fajardo February 12, 2013 / 9:51 am

    Your writings transport my soul to Cidra Puerto Rico. If you have excellent writing skills. It’s amazing how accurately you describe a Boricua Party in PR. God Bless you and your beautiful family.

  3. Elsa February 14, 2013 / 10:03 pm

    Awesome blog cuz!

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