One more song, will ya!

Hey there everyone! It’s me again, and this time I will write about Boricua stuff, since my last post was a way for me to vent on the stuff that happens in life. That is not usually the posts I write, but I needed to put it out there for you to read and understand a little bit of how I am. But let’s continue with the fun Boricua life, shall we.

I love music, especially Salsa; but as long as there is rhythm I will dance or at least move my feet to the beat. And as a music lover, I have gone to some concerts here in the Island and also while I was living in Washington, DC. Last week, Bruno Mars came to visit the Island and have his concert here. My wife and my 15 year old sister-in-law got all dressed up and pretty to enjoy the concert. But before they left, and since it was my sister-in-law’s first concert, we felt we had to explain how things go. You would ask yourself “why does she need an explanation on what happens at a concert?” Once again my friend, one thing is to be Boricua and another thing is to be from somewhere else; there is stuff you will only see here.

I was there, somewhere!
I was there, somewhere!

To give you a background, 12 years ago I had the opportunity to drive along with many of my friends, to a Bon Jovi concert. We drove for some hours and we arrived at Giant Stadium in New Jersey. It was awesome to be there, at his house, with my friends and live music! Anyhow, we had fun. But when the band played his last song, I discovered something that we Boricuas do: we ask for one more song. After that song, only around 12 of the people who were in the packed stadium (me and my friends) started asking for another song, just one more song. People looked at us like saying “They already played for two hours man! Go home!”.

El Caballero de la Salsa
El Caballero de la Salsa

You see, if you come to a concert in Puerto Rico, (and this is something we explained to my sister-in-law) after the “last song” there is always a standing ovation, immediately followed by a unique and loud sound: “OTRA, OTRA, OTRA…” The chant con go for minutes and the band better come back and sing. Even the band knows they better come back. And when they do, the fun is even better; they play with more energy, the people are hyped and the show can go on for at least 20 more minutes. I was in a concert once, and when the band left, of course we wanted one more. All of a sudden a video plays on the jumbo screen. The lead singer is telling all his band mates: “Do you hear that? We need to go back”. One of the other guys would go “But we just played for 2:30 hours! We can’t go back”. “Is not about can – the lead singer said – they will not leave until we go back”. And he was right. They came back and sang for another half hour. Another time, in a salsa concert, after we requested one more, the singer came back and saw many people had left. “What happened to that people? Are they even Boricuas? Didn’t anybody tell them we have to come back to stage?”

¡COÑO, me quemé!
¡COÑO, me quemé!

BIG PARENTHESIS HERE for just one minute…Something else I noticed, and even though this is not a Boricua thing, is that some years ago people would light their lighters in concert and wave them side to side. Not even one single lighter would go off (even though you could hear an occasional “COÑO, ME QUEMÉ!!!). And nowadays, people would go to their phones, get the bright light in the screen but never waive it; they just raise it. I mean, the wind will not blow the cell light off people! Back to Boricuas…

BMSo now you know why we had to do some explaining to my sister-in-law. Needless to say, they both had a blast and of course, when Mr. Mars said “goodbye” she was ready and would not leave the stadium. She chanted, along with more than 16,000, OTRA, OTRA, OTRA… And Bruno is no fool, so he came back and sang some more.

Don’t forget to share this post and comment if you like. If you have any idea for a new post, or you want to write it yourself, you can email me to Unitl next time, cójanlo suave!


One thought on “One more song, will ya!

  1. Rodney Torres September 3, 2013 / 5:32 pm

    Love your blog! Keep up the good work.

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