My second time (is not about sex)

It’s me again. Last Saturday I went back to Celebrate Puerto Rico to try one more time to make people laugh. The first time was awesome (still not talking about sex, even though that was the case too). This time I chose to use less jokes and do more stories of me and my childhood.

A great place to be funny...

I had a problem with time. I had to the performance in no more than five minutes which added another pressure. The first time the time provided was the same, but I just rolled and did almost 13 minutes.
So you be the judge. Listen to it and laugh if you like it. Here is the link to the page. You can listen to it there, or you can download it for you to keep. My performance is at 57:10, but remember I’m not the only one there. So listen to all of it; you will enjoy it.


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